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Landscape Maintenance, Fertilization, and Weed Control

We use mulching mowers, as it is much better for the lawn. Our treatments include a comprehensive slow release fertilization program, pre emergent weed control and post emergent control of both broadleaf and grassy weeds. We will gladly help you determine the appropriate watering program to ensure maximum results. 

Irrigation and Sprinkler Repair



We are a licensed irrigation company offering full service sprinkler system repair and maintenance. We advise on water conservation, ideal irrigation system settings, timer adjustment and tips to optimally irrigate specific types of turf, trees, flowers and shrubs.

Tree Care and Brush Management



We are well trained in the proper trimming of all types of shrubs and hedges, perennials, decorative grass and ornamental trees. In doing so, we can help prevent and eliminate mold, mildew, fungus and all types of insects that may attack the health of your yard. 

Landscape Design and Enhancement



Our expert landscape design team is here to exceed your expectations with a custom design and installation plan to fit your needs and budget. With years of experience working on high-end designs, we are prepared to deliver a gorgeous space that fits your unique property. Every project starts with a brilliant design and we are here every step of the way. From design to installation and maintenance, Kniffings Landscape is here to provide stunning spaces and provide excellent customer service.

Seasonal Flower Service and Mulching 

We provide flower bed maintenance through weekly, bi-weekly or monthly weeding of your flower beds. We can help reduce the cost of pulling weeds. Please call us for a few creative ideas to reduce or eliminate weeds.  Mulching helps retain the moisture needed to maintain healthy shrubs. Please call for a quote. We will be happy to assist you in determining how much mulch is needed to cover your flower beds. We have excellent bulk pricing on mulch and compost for large installations.

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